Testimonial from Tingquan Lu

I have tried various brands of mouthpiece throughout my music carrier. I have been looking for mouthpieces of my ideal sound, with ease of playing. Finally, I am cheerful to find the sound playing Aizen " Jazz Master" mouthpieces.

I find that the sound is soft and deep, compared with other markers. Aizen mouthpiece is easy to play, the sound is even through all the range of the horn.

I like the buzzy sound, that's why I always pick up the mouthpiece with adequate resistance and control. With low resistance, it is hard to have the sound that I like, unless I change my embochure to fit the mouthpiece.

Aizen " Jazz Master" helps me to solve those problems, I can have the warm buzzy sound with adequate resistance during the performance. That is so "Wonderful !". I love "Jazz Master", I love "Aizen"!.


Tingquan Lu, born in Shanghai, titled in:

- One of the earliest jazz saxophonists in China
- Saxophonist of the East Chorus of China and art director of the jazz band
- Guest professor of saxophone in Modern Music Department of Tianjin Music School
- Guest professor of saxophone in Minzu University of China Music School
- Lecturer of saxophone in Beijing Midi Music School
- Member of Chinese Musicians Association and the Central Conservatory of Music Saxophone Grade Examination Review Committee

He is expert in improvisation of traditional jazz music, with a smooth and rigorous style; he is also skilled in exploring various musical materials and creating exordinary musical images, and innovated in saxophone techniques. Furthermore, he educated a batch of excellent jazz music saxophonists, who have been the mainstream in young saxophonists. �gThe Saxophone Improvisation of Jazz Music�h authored by him has been adopted as the textbook to those jazz music player.

And the textbooks authored by him:

- The Saxophone Improvisation of Jazz Music (1997)
- Introduction to Saxophone Improvisation (2002)
- Saxophone Improvisation Collections (2003)
- Techniques in Modality (2009)